Choosing Healthy and Local for Thanksgiving.

Butterball or Flourishing Farm?


Butterball or Flourishing Farm?


I had a conversation about Thanksgiving dinner menus with a friend a couple of days ago and recommended that she try a Flourishing Farm turkey from our buddy Eric Garcia. Most folks know that Bdefined is a big fan of Eric’s cooking and his move into sustainable farming with his wife Rita at their fabulous spread in Gloucester. My friend stated that her family was fan of Butterball turkeys. They liked the taste. That got me thinking about the differences between the two products.

Here is what Eric says about his turkeys and how he raised them:

“The breed of Turkey we use is Broad-Breasted Whites.  They are GMOand medication free.   We feed them non GMO Feed from Sunrise Farmhere in Virginia.   Our turkeys have the pleasure of living fully outside enjoying all that Mother Nature provides.  We practice management intensive grassing, which means we move them around the farm to fresh grass and bugs on a regular basis.  This is just like your doctor telling you to eat more greens.  So, we supply the birds with a low stress environment with lots of stimulation and room to roam. In return, we get a superior tasting turkey.”

I am no expert on Butterball, but I know they are not raised free range on a farm in Gloucester. I do know that they use antibiotics to “maintain the health of the turkeys” according to their website and they are also injected with a water, spices, and “natural flavors.”

I will not give anyone a hard time about having a Butterball turkey this Thanksgiving, but I know this holiday is about family. Why not provide your family with healthy local food raised with compassion from a farmer who cares about this community? It’s a great way to show your family how much they mean to you.

Shout out to KelRae farm in Toano also for the awesome tasty veggies they provide for a special Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!